Saturday, 21 February 2015

ब्रह्मा की पूजा क्यों नहीं करते

In mythology, Brahma is said
to have built the universe.
But still we manufacturer universe
do not worship. Why?
Well, it is a mystery. In India,
only two places in the Brahma
temple. Aquarius is one of South India
Knimawr second, Pushkar North India
in. The truth is that in India,
based on Brahma any celebration or
festival is not. In our mind, it
is natural to question the ancestors
worship the Creator of the universe, why
not start? Indeed, to know
we must closely. All
religions have said this in the
creation of the universe is God
's. According to Hindu scriptures,
Brahma himself to understand the
universe was built. The
universe has a female. His
name had-tation, which
is a form-which are many. The truth is that
the constant changing Satrupake seeing as
Brahma had a crush on her. He was so
enamored that he was chasing
it. Control and subdue him
wanted to. Brahma's why we
do not worship. Even
holding the four heads, so
they can see Satrupako continuously.
However, as with changing Satrupake
as Brahma also held.
They try that continues today. The interesting
thing is that in trying their
fifth head came out. Brahma
's condition is not good gods
did. He plenty Brahma
cursed. Because the father of your
[daughter of creation] was running behind.
It's a metaphor, but it directly
to mistake the meaning.
It really means that we
can build a world and
fascinated at the same are. There was
happiness and sadness, they arise from our minds
are. In this way we Maya, illusion and
are pinned in the loop. And so we
find no longer sacred. Namely
Brahma are also revered. Some time
later, the state of the gods Brahma
drew the attention of Shiva.
He raised his sword and
cut off Brahma's fifth head.
The fifth head is our ego.
The ego says that the world
I've created. Shiva's why
Kpalin says. The story we
have the message that our world
are built and the
ego is born within us.
But to worship Shiva we
can eliminate ego. We
believe that Shiva and Brahma,
Vishnu in the City. Lord
Vishnu, like Brahma
are Mohasktnhin. They themselves from the world
are different. Those little
quietness, yet the physical world
are related. Their engagement
is Karma Yoga. They work, but
do not worry fruit. This concept
is understood, then we will find that we
are Brahman Brahman around.
cocky sense of our world
and the other world of live Rme
do not care. Brahma We
do not even worship, but we
will understand. Brahma is not God
's. They are no different than us.
They are finding their existence. Well
Brahma in the same way we all
are. Indeed, as we like them
to know. Without the discovery
gives us peace.

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